Hi ladies!

I want to introduce to you a BRAND NEW program that we are rolling out at Cape Fear Boxing - The 90 DAY LADIES BOXING BOOT CAMP TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. Over the past 4 years, I've been keeping track of all of the women that have gotten results in my Ladies Boxing Boot Camp program and according to that, 90 - days seems to be the sweet spot. What I mean is that the women that have gotten the best, longest lasting results, were the women that committed for at least 90 days. When I say results, I don't just mean losing weight. Other benefits of our program, in addition to losing weight, include increased muscle tone, stronger bones and ligaments, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved muscle endurance, improved core stability, stress relief, improved coordination, improved confidence and improved self esteem. There was one common thread in ALL of the ladies that got RESULTS and that common thread was BEING CONSISTENT OVER TIME. 


I'm offering this program to women that are NOT regular members, but have tried out the program on a short term basis, like the 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss program you are currently in, and want to continue on afterwards.

I didn't want to help anyone get results and get started in the right direction and start to see and/or feel results from one of my promotional programs, and then not maintain them once the promotional period is over. A lot of the hard work is done in the first 21 days such as getting your body adapted to the workouts, overcoming bad habits and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle each day. And with consistency, you can increase the momentum of your progress by sticking to the program longer. I found that after 90 days, most women have developed much better habits of eating and working out. I want to be a part of your journey and that's why I am offering my brand new 90-DAY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM!

Here's what's included for everyone that wants in!:

  • Unlimited Accountability - Nothing beats having your workouts structured, prepared and ready for you! 


  • Get serious RESULTS while having fun - As you know, we aren't about weight machines. We like the fun stuff!


  • Unlimited classes for 90 days - 30 minutes of high energy training sessions ($357.00 Value)


  • Continued access to our Private Facebook support group ($100.00 Value)


  • Your very own BRAND NEW personal boxing gloves ($40.00 Value)

  • Your very own BRAND NEW personal hand wraps ($10.00 Value)

  • Branded gear - your very own BRAND NEW Cape Fear Boxing T-shirt ($20.00 Value)

  • Monthly Assessments - To help you keep track of your progress ($45.00 Value)

  • BRAND NEW meal plans - That can be modified to fit your personal preference ($300.00 Value)

If you’re ready to take your body to the next level and become the best version of yourself, this is for you!

Join the 90-Day Ladies Boxing Boot Camp Transformation Program today and you’ll be on the fast track to achieving a fit and lean body that you can be proud of!

Check out what some of the ladies have said about our program after being in it for over 90 days:

Normally, you could pay anywhere from $600-800 for a 90-day transformation program similar to what I am offering. I am determined to help make this your BEST YEAR EVER and even MORE DETERMINED to help you transform your health and fitness ONCE AND FOR ALL!

By signing up today, you will lock in your commitment for 90 Days AFTER the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program for a one time payment of just $387.00. But, there's MORE! For the 1st 10 people that sign-up, I'm going to make the deal even sweeter and knock off an additional $30.00 from the original price! So, you'll get everything mentioned above ($800.00 value) all for the low price of $357.00 if you are one of the first 10 to take advantage. To lock in your spot and get amazing results, receive your personal boxing gloves, hand wraps, t-shirt, continued access to our Private Facebook group, Brand New meal plans, unlimited accountability and continued access to our unlimited classes, CLICK HERE!