one on one personal training

Our 1-on-1 personal training program is the most specific training that we offer. If you want someone dedicated to helping you reach your goals and have never worked with a personal trainer, your time is now! We will sit down and discuss your goals in relation to where you currently are. Whatever your fitness goals are, we can figure out the most effective way to reach them. One on one training sessions vary in length and cost. The most important thing to remember when it comes to reaching your fitness goals is to be patient with yourself, especially if you are just getting into the world of fitness. Give your body time to adapt and don't expect results on day one. 


Our three-pronged approach to a healthy and fit lifestyle include cardiovascular training, resistance training and proper nutrition. Each of these elements play a pivotal role in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. In order for your body to function efficiently, you must provide the proper "fuel", which comes in the form of food. Your body's main source of energy should come from macronutrients, which are essential for growth and metabolism. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are three of your most important macronutrients. I like to add water to the list of most important macronutrients due to its vital role in your body.

To put this into perspective, when it comes to training and fitness, the way that you "fuel" your body is just as important as how frequently you exercise. I have witnessed many people who commit to exercising without committing to a proper diet and the results are counterproductive. Taking a more balanced approach will help you maintain a routine that gets you positive results. As your personal trainer, it is my job to help you achieve your fitness goals. Also, It is my obligation to help you understand when and how to eat in a way that's congruent to your goals.


Personal Training programs are individual-based and require a commitment not only to the trainer, but also to yourself. If you wish to work with a personal trainer on a one-on-one basis, CLICK HERE to set up your free assessment.

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