Looking for a fun and safe environment for your kids afterschool? We offer kids boxing classes as an afterschool activity. Not only does our youth boxing program teach the fundamentals of boxing, we also teach values and life skills. We teach each child in our program a variety of values to help them build character and become better individuals. Our activities engage them in ways that help them understand the following: Importance of academics, community pride, confidence, discipline, respect, commitment, leadership and integrity.


Ladies, whatever your fitness goals may be, we can help. Our Ladies Boxing Boot Camp class, here in Wilmington, NC, offers a mixture of cardio exercises, strength building exercises and endurance drills to improve many elements of your overall fitness. Your core strength, balance and coordination will be challenged during each workout. What's unique about our Boot Camp is that we use boxing-style training as a means to improve your fitness. Ladies Boxing Boot Camp is a non-contact class for all fitness levels. We offer early morning, afternoon, evening and weekend boot camp classes. Click the button below to find a time and day for your first FREE class!


We train competitive boxers who are looking to step into the boxing ring as well as non-competitive boxers who wish to simply learn boxing fundamentals and techniques while getting into shape. Our athletes have varying goals and, therefore, train at different levels. Also, if you're just looking for a fun and exciting way to improve or maintain your fitness, you've found it! Our coaches are USA Boxing Certified coaches and can teach you safe and effective training techniques to acquire the skills of a boxer. Come let off some steam and stop in for a class.We are Wilmington, NC's premiere boxing training facility!

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